cold fogging method

Benefits overview

  • Complete disinfection of the air space
  • All sufficiently accessible surfaces are achieved seamlessly
  • without any effort
  • Fast, own implementation or by the service provider
  • Minimal water usage
  • Human error and lack of care are effectively excluded
  • Very fast operational readiness and simple use
  • Effective against germs and spores of all kinds - with the suiable disinfectant



Pfalz Tec KFZ Desinfektion

The fumigation technique is also used optionally for odour removal,
pest control, dust control and for dust suppression.

The devices are operated with compressed air from 3 to 6 bar.By using the compressed air, throwing range of 45 m per nozzlecan be achieved, with fans in free space up to 100 m.The emerging air movement in space simultaneously serves a uniform fog distribution.